Milan Fashion Week: Versace Sunglasses Fall / Winer 2013 – 2014


 The Versace brand is well known for his bold, sexy and stylish clothes and accessories. During the Milan Fashion Week Donatella Versace presented an incredible "Vunk" collection (which meas, Versace + punk), very extravagant and sexy combination of the glamorous punk atmosphere and modern luxury fashion trends. Thankfully Donatella we can see that women have an opportunity to enjoy wearing either something beautiful or, at the same time, wild and funny.

 The eyewear line from Versace for the Fall-Winter 2013-2014 takes inspiration from the classic cat-eye shapes. The black sunglass frames are embellished with the bright crystals.



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New Calvin Klein Line: CK7340SP and CK7121

Calvin Klein shades CK7340SP certainly are a classic men’s aviator restyled with the latest search for the sports minded customers who crave serious style. Have a glance on the new men's frame CK7121 from a well-known brand’s “Classics” collection. This shape recalls their old style history with delicate round fronts, a keyhole bridge and steel accents around the temple tips.

 Calvin Klein is really a well-known brand throughout the world. Calvin Klein is really a fashion house established by American designer Calvin Klein. Preferably, eyewear frames need to have high quality lenses with optical precision that do not influence on field of vision and offer ample defense against the harm causing rays. Today, sunglasses with oversized frames are incredibly popular. They not only appear stylish but additionally shield your eyes and the sensitive skin around from the harm. Also, it is better to buy sunglasses which may have broad temple arms minimize the stress.

 What do you think about the new classic CK7340SP and CK7121?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Frames Fall / Winter 2013 – 2014| NY Fashion Week

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 The Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Fall / Winter 2013-2014 runway show was not for the faint of the heart or meek of the spirit. Each modern look was edited with vintage style accessorizes; everything seemed to be passionate and lively. Fascinating frames for young women and men; a little bit old-school oversized acetate shades in gutsy colors. The colors were chosen from the fashion of the 70s with rust browns, deep teals, cayenne and orange, but the hole page looks like from the 50s.

 The new Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglass line for up-coming fall season evidence that retro chis has been still on the top fashion trends.





Roberto Cavalli Eyewear – Campaign Spring / Summer 2013


 Exciting Luxury Looks. Roberto Cavalli brought out its images of sunglasses from the spring-summer 2013 campaign with the starring models Isabeli Fontana, Malgosia Bela and Sui He. Beauties come into sight in fashion house burning, silky and attractive designs which come in colorful patterns, prints and embelished details.

 Every look evokes femininity and "animal attraction".



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Li Bingbing & Gucci New Eyewear Ad Campaign 2013


 Gucci is pleased to announce its new eyewear campaign featuring actress Li Bingbing. The photo is photographed by Solve Sundsbo conveys a strong yet minimalist beautiful feel, true to Gucci’s luxury codes.

 The beauty and elegance of Li Bingbing highlights the classy femininity of these exclusive shades (GG3623/K/S). These gently rounded frames feature leather covered temples bearing the “Gucci” metal signature logo. The sunglasses come in two chic color shades: gloss black with black leather and shaded grey lenses and brown with black leather and shaded brown lenses.

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Michael Kors Sunglasses – Fall / Winter 2013-2014


 You might know that the fashion designer Michael Kors takes his inspiration through the travel.

 Kors chooses the new colors for the eyewear collection right off the streets of New York City, with an eclectic mix ofneon orange, taxicab yellow and royal blue. The new sunglasses collection refers to the typical New Yorker's wardrobe, which would not be finished without addition tons of basic black and charcoal.
The latest collection from Michael Kors is balanced with minimalism focused on sleek structures.

 Very interesting fashion decision to choose oversized googles frames for the upcoming fashion season Fall / Winter 2013 to bring futuristic and eccentric look.


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Dior Sunglasses Collection 2013


Vintage technique and exciting look characterize the Dior eyewear collections. Christian Dior sunglasses and optical frames seduce thanks to their classy lines of traditional style. Inspired by the original heritage of the brand, the Dior sunglasses collections have generous sizes and geometric lines to give the classic authenticity, allure and sophistication of the Maison.






Chanel Sunglasses – Resort 2013


 Karl Lagerfield presented its collection Resort 2013 with beautiful oversized sunglass frame. The creative director of the stylish brand occured the wonderful atmosphere of the Palace of Versailles, presented. Looking at all photos of his Resort collection, that an emerging sunglass frame is really amazing, from full-fledged queen, to finished our look using a style entirely glamorous and chic.

 Parading directly into that tasty and sophisticated place, the Palace of Versailles, Chanel Resort 2013 collection could simply be influenced from the style of Marie Antoinette, in relation to the clothesand essential accessories are extremely more sophisticated, rock, stunning, fashionable, excellent for people who keep to the dictates and the rules of the street style.

 When the models are dressed in apparel, truly extraordinary, embellished, which call to mind those of court women ahead of the French Revolution, with some certain example of Oriental style and, in unique, Japanese will certainly be a trend to become believed with, the modern and sophisticated, ideal to symbolize the female nowadays.

 The only one sunglass model one that Chanel displays us as part of his Resort collection 2013 is an element of a sea look, complete with a swimsuit, a bandeau bra and panties, both light blue, United with a transparent part, which makes the ensemble very sexual and elegant. You will find it pretty good, however, the sun glasses by Chanel, oversize, purely from queen, with shaded lenses and black frame.

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Juicy Couture Fashion Sunglasses 2012


 As always, Juicy Couture offers its exceptional sunglass collection 2012. This season 2012 it was created an idea to embelish the feminine looks with a variety of sunglasses using a retro feel, with large shapes or traditional cat-eye at which the star usually doesn't give up for anything worldwide. As well as tones and details with elements from real divas from the fifties.

 When talking about sunglasses vintage retro and you will not do not mention the style Aviator , a traditional ladies wardrobe as well as the male: a design of unisex sunglasses, which is a real time tested, that knows no crisis. Juicy Couture provides model of the Aviator is in time-honored form with the intriguing double-deck, showing slow drip oppoure rounded to seem more feminine.

 Do not miss the fashion sunlasses collection of Juicy Couture frames with oversize lenses, lenses with square or rounded, exciting models from real diva.

 Do you like intriguing, chic and feminine frames of sunglasses from Juicy Couture?




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Fashion Tiffany Lock Sunglass Collection


 Nobody says sophisticated style and beauty really like Tiffany and that is exactly why a great number of today’s most spectacular women are attracted to this perfectly crafted collection of high-end fashion glasses. Although Tiffany is definitely known as one of the world’s most exclusive jewelers, any ready-to-wear line they give is usually gonna be on the top of fashion.

 Tiffany sunglasses have actually interested industry with similar trademark quality that Tiffany is so recognized for. With a collection of new lock sunglasses, Tiffany has done it once again. But who could expect anything less from a company which has almost two hundred years of reputation?

 No woman could want for over a pair of Tiffany lock sunglasses because each pair is done with the exact same diligent care which has branded Tiffany & Company through the years. Established in 1837 in New York City by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the company is well-known and there possibly isn’t a name on planet which has earned more reputation and appreciation.